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As anyone who has played Earthbound probably knows, it's really easy to associate the Mother games with psychodelic drugs. Well, Mother 3's release date has finally been announces and it's *GASP* April 20th, 2006. Kinda makes you wonder if that was intentional.........

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is

Mother 3 has a fucking release date!

Screw Twilight Princess. Screw Revolution. Mother 3 is what I need. Anyway, since it's obviously not coming out in America, you guys better import it, because I don't want to be the only one here playing it. And don't just download the ROM either, because that's cheating. And Mother 3 will no doubt be the best game ever made, so you should show your support for it.

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I'd much prefer if it was for DS...

Knowing Itoi, it would take them about ten years to finish the game if it were for DS. The N64 version was in development for six years before it finally got canned, and the GBA version took about three years to finish (which is a really long time for a GBA game). So therefore, I've completely given up on the idea of it being a DS game.

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Why would you say that? GBA RPG's usually get a reasonably large release.. and this game will liekly be huge, if it gets released in the US.

Even ignoring the fact that EB wasn't that obscure an SNES game, the Smash Brothers series massively raised the profile of the entire series. If marketed correctly (And you include a Ness cameo), it should be easy to turn a SSB appearence into a lot of sales.

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An English version isn't happening. Nintendo has been saying for the past three years that they have no plans to release Mother 3 stateside, so I doubt that they'll just randomly decide to do so now. And the fact that they never release Mother 1 + 2 stateside really goes to show that they've given up on the series.

Of course, I'd wait until E3 before giving up all hope. Maybe they'll announce an english version there. But if they don't, then I'll officially dismiss the possibility of it ever happening.

There is hope for an english-translated ROM, however.

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