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I recently entered into LLC with some friends who started a Telecommunications company. It's a hefty amount of work. I've been developing the marketing and sales stuff since I am the only one who is a student and have some spare time. Our business specializes in phone systems for small to medium businesses and IVRs (Interactive voice relay). Basically those automated call menus you call and push buttons.

So I've been using my break to research products and write proposals.

Anyone else here at some point involved in a small business?

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The engineering firm that I work for is pretty small. There is my boss who is the P.E. & his wife who is the office manager/accountant. Then it's only me & the other dude I work with. Heh!

We do have another person that works for us in another state, but he works for some other company. He usually gets to do the fun stuff, though. Like all the foundation design for attractions at theme parks, so he doesn't get to do much work for us all the time, since it's not that often that theme parks get new rides or transfer rides. He's also a P.E.

But yeah. That's pretty much it. Talk about small. Haha! (^o^ ) <3

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