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Accelerated Evolution

Covering John Lennons Imagine (not mastered yet)


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The mastered version is almost done and sounds SO much better trust. It'll be posted soon. my voice is in the keys of C major and F major two of the major chords in the song. also I took away the delay thing I did cuz I was tripping and thought it sounded phat but sober it sounds fogy so its clear now, give me feed back when I up that one.

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1. WAY TOO MANY EFFECTS. The effects really don't correlate or improve one another

2. Drum fills are off time as fuck. this is obviously a recording mistake and can be fixed pretty easily

Mostly bitch #1 effects the music as a whole. #2 can be fixed with alot of swing planing and such, considering your obviously using electronic rhythm. All in all, i don't think you need to do a cover, im not a huge fan of most of your work (or pop/industrial/rock/metal in general) But I think you have way more talent than a cover track.

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I really enjoyed it the only thing that got me was he end of first and second lines f the song with the extendedness

lol word, heres the version I played at x-mas dinner, still parts of the vocals (second vocal line for example) where I go flat on a note, but the "Imagine all the people" is always nailed, and being in a straight head while mixing it allowed to hear the echoes didn't work so its cleaner sounding in that aspect.


to rocksteady I try to make the covers sound not like the original which hopefully this version sounds less like just a kareoke song and more like an artistic take on the song, my last step is to fix the vocal parts that are off re-record and nail those and I think it'd be quite tight.


also I hate the first part "you may say I'm a dreamer" but like the "and the world will live as one" Its a hard song to sing a cover to when your trying to do the mumbly thing with the vocals that you do with your own music, its always easier to sing to original work clearly as theirs nothing compare it to and while recording you nail it since its part of you to begin with rather than being nervious about covering a song originally recorded by one of the voices and creators of modern music. (not arguing on this, if your not a beatles fan suck it ^_^)

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i Have metal songs, but i wouldn't call myself a metal band, the maze is really more trippy than anything else, I hated APC's version, they downtuned the piano and they wanted to make it like a funeral dirge version but the downtuned piano sounded god awful, then maynards pattened singing style to it was weird. If this song is to be covered I say keep the sound similar and just add new ideas like with synths and stuff he ruined this song and a marvin gay song... I love APC's two normal albums but that CD was just BLAH.

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I could give it a whole different twist on the vocals if their that inaccesible, like some parts do you like the mumble-lengthen note technique or no? thats a big question in general.

The inaccessibility of the vocals is not due to effects but to the pitches. You just simply aren't singing a lot of the notes in tune. They're either flat or just not the right notes. I think maybe if you played the melody on the piano while you sang it you might be able to hear which notes need work and fix it from there. As far as the drums, did you use a metronome while recording?

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