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What did you get people for X-mas?


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So we have a thread every year about what we got, but what did you get for others?

I got my friend Michelle The Twelve Horrors of Christmas by Edward Gorey and this really pretty scarf.

I got my friend Megan Dummy by Portishead.

I got my friend Jamie is it just me or is everything shit? by Steve Lowe and Alan McArthur, with Brendan Hay. I hope he finds it amusing, he's hard to shop for. Not sure how much he reads though.

I bought my dad Jenny Lewis latest album, Acid Tongue.

I bought my mom What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Cat.

I bought my brother a case for his new go phone.

I bought my friend/co-worker Noam Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance and some dark chocolate.

I bought my friend Laura Shakespeare's Ideas by David Bevington, because she adores the Bard.

I bought my friend Diane the poetry anthology Staying Alive.

I bought my friend/co-worker Carrie-Beth an oil diffuser, some dark chocolate and a fake apple, 'cause I felt like it.

I got my grandmother a box of tissues (it's an inside joke).

I'm making my aunt and uncle a mixed CD.

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So far one thing as an early gift:


I'm super excited to fly this thing as I finished it right before I left for California for two weeks and have not yet gotten to maiden it.

EDIT: Oh, and also tickets to the complete Ring cycle that the Seattle Opera company is doing this summer. SUUUUUUUPER excited for that.

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I got...

my brother a $30 gift card to a bookstore,

my other brother a box of liqour-filled chocolates

my brother-in-law a big sample box of various samuel adams beers (he likes nice beer)

my sister a box of fancy chocolates

my step-dad a HUGE sudoku book and a book on sudoku strategy

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- I got my mom a copy of Cities of Salt (novel about the Persian Gulf in the 1930's) and I'm going to go get her this notebook I saw that has a Kiki's Delivery Service print on it (she loves that movie).

- For my father, a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide and a set of four Domo-kun drink coasters.

- For one of my friends, a Notorious B.I.G. poster.

- For another one of my friends, I'm doing something that I think is pretty cool. Basically he was saying how he wanted to learn how to play some David Bowie songs on guitar. He has a guitar but doesn't really know how to play it, and he doesn't have any strings for it. So I figure I'll buy him a pack of strings and print out a bunch of tabs for some cool songs for him. Sort of a DIY gift, I'm actually pretty proud of this idea.

- A couple used books for various other people and a few random other gifts like weird stickers, candy, etc.

- I'm helping my friend move in January (this is a totally legit Christmas present and you know it). In return she's going to buy me an eighth :whistling:

More friends will get gifts when I'm less broke.

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- Animal Crossing City Folk

- Oil scent candle burning thingy

- 22" 1080*1950 monitor


- Sirius Stratus 5 + a few moths of service

- Sharing the monitor


- Pitched in to pay for part of their all expenses payed snowboard weekend in Banff

- This awesome little flying toy for my brother in law I couldn't resist getting. I'm going to get one for myself this weak, so I'll show it to you guys.

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For my friend Danny, a super-deformed Darth Maul thing...

For my friend Ashleigh, a figure of Dark Knight Returns Joker...

And for my freshman-year World History teacher, a display case with three minie balls, design schematics for the round, and a short overview of the round's history.

Would have bought more if I had the money.

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I may be one of the few people on AE who can appreciate how fucking awesome that gift is.

The gift is indeed fucking awesome. I'm actually a bit hesitant to part with it.

Ah well, he'll appreciate it more than I would. Maybe I should throw in my piece of the Berlin Wall, too...

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