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Ah, around 2003-2005, there was this little skate shop that my friends and I would go and hang out. Sure I don't skate, but I know a lot that do and some friends that work there. And since it's part of the skateboard culture, we'd make fun of the preps and the scene kids from time to time. Apparently, two friends of mine started to go along with the scene thing. (Something about fashion and wearing girls pants.) Not that I don't have anything against it now, I just find it amusing that it wasn't long ago that we were making fun of it.

So, have any stories similar to this? If so, share!

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I can't really think of anything that went 180 with me. If I didn't like something, I just plain didn't like it & that was that. Hahaha!

It's like these damn kids that I see (although it's a little less now) with the fucking '80s outfits. Man! The 80's was the worst decade of fashion. I mean seriously! Couldn't they have gone down to the 70's, 60's 50's, 40's, or something else that is much cooler? I was born in '75 & grew up in the 80's & I thought the fashions were tacky then & even more so now! \(>o< )

Then you have these other kids with the most tightest pants that I have ever seen in my life! Again, these are 80's trends. I'm like, "Holy dog shit! Did you paint those on? How the fuck did you put them on?!! Jesus Christ! Do you get any blood circulation down there?" \('o' )/ ?!? What makes them look even worse is the nappy & dirty looking hairdos that they wear. The look completely out of balance, like their head holds more weight than their lower body & they will tip over at any time! ('o' ) !!

Hahaha! But yeah! I digress. I'll see if I can come up with some 180 story later on. Hahaha! (^o^ ) <3

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There are two types of skinny jeans. Ones which totally constrict right around your ankles and are really hard to get on and off (my roommate wears these) and the other which is a looser fit and kind of leans toward boot cut. I have a few pairs of those. But, I am a female so I can kind of wear them. Though I do not prefer them.

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