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Accelerated Evolution

Let's Play Earthworm Jim: Special Edition


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Developer: Shiny Entertainment

Publisher: Playmates Interactive, Virgin Entertainment

Platforms: Sega CD

Table of Contents:

New Junk City and Andy Asteroids 1: Viddler

What the Heck?: Viddler

Big Bruty: Viddler

Down the Tubes & Tube Race: Viddler

Snot A Problem: Viddler

Level 5 / Who Turned Out the Lights: Viddler

For Pete's Sake: Viddler

Intestinal Distress: Viddler

Buttville: Viddler


Cuz Brian Asked for it. Earthworm Jim! Earthworm Jim was a media phenominon that blew up the mid 90s. Two major games, a tv show, comics, Jim was everywhere for a while. Doug TenNapel's unique designs mixed with the heart and passion of designers at Shiny and Tommy Tallarico's brilliant score would cause Earthworm Jim to be burnt in the minds of gamers everywhere for a few short years.

Sadly the series would take a downturn, and despite many rumored / actual attempts the series has proven unable to be revived. Shiny and Interplay have signed deals for a new game and television series under TenNapel's direction, but will it ever come to pass? And can it ever prove itself again to it's old audience after losing touch?

Well who cares, because we still have the great games of the past!

The Sega-CD version of Earthworm Jim was ignored by most players, and despite some limitations that for some reason are only present on the Genesis / Sega-CD versions, the Special Edition of EWJ is the ultimate version. With new animations, graphics, levels, areas, power-ups, an orchestral soundtrack and even new sound effects it's the definitive console Earthworm Jim experience.

So let's do it!

Story (Blatantly stolen from Wikipedia):

The storyline involves many colorful characters. Jim himself (a character designed by Doug TenNapel) was at first an ordinary Earth earthworm who did very earthworm-like things such as flee from crows and eat dirt. One day, in the space above Earth, the evil Psy-Crow had cornered a rebel spaceship pilot who had stolen an "Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit" built by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head. The suit had been commissioned by the evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt so that she could further conquer the galaxy. In the ensuing space fight, the suit was dropped to Earth, and fell on Jim. By a stroke of luck, Jim managed to land within the collar of the suit, and it ended up mutating him into the large and intelligent (at least by earthworm standards) superhero he is today.

Jim overhears Psy-Crow talking to Queen Slug-for-a-Butt about the scorch marks left by the suit and her plans for her sister, Princess What's-Her-Name. Jim thus sets out to rescue the princess, fighting many enemies along the way, such as Major Mucus, Chuck and Fifi, Evil the Cat and Bob the Killer Goldfish, although none of this is apparent throughout the game.

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Keep it coming, man! You're doing a great job with these. I think it's great and very useful that you compare different versions of the same level (where applicable).

As I said over AIM, Big Bruty was terrible, because it was really nothing but filler. Background music of ANY KIND would have been welcome on that stage! I would have skipped that one entirely, if not for the commentary.

Down the Tubes was pretty intense, I'm glad it was you playing it instead of me. Those underwater vehicle sections looked aggravating as hell.

So far, What the Heck is my favorite level to watch, but I'm looking forward to more Jim Goodness!

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Well, it really depends on the system. I've been doing this now for so long that I can pretty much record anything, but I mainly use the following:

Fraps: Records PC games and emulators like a pro.

Kega Fusion: Awesome Genesis / 32X / Sega CD combo emulator that works with Fraps incredibly well.

ZSnes: SNES emulator that works with Fraps.

Roxio Creator 2009 with a USB capture cable: Allows me to hook up any external console and record. (What I used for Geist)

Virtual Dub: Great program for compression, deinterlacing, changing size and even recording, but it's really complex so I mostly only use it if I have interlacing problems in a video.

As for the video editing stuff I used to use some junk on my mac, but I've gotten lazy over time and it's just plain easier to edit / narrate in Windows Movie Maker.

Making LPs is pretty fun, and you learn a ton in the process. It was also something I'd always wanted to do and eventually got way too into. lol If you have any questions let me know, I should be able to help you figure most anything out.


Also... For Pete's Sake: Viddler

Another video! With the cutest little puppy around. :wub:

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