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Accelerated Evolution

Resident Evil - Degeneration (made by Capcom, incredible, realistic CGI)


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writers include Shotaro Suga who wrote Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex,

producers include Hidenori Ueki from Appleseed Ex Machina,

the brilliant Hiroyuki Kobayashi famous for GTO, Original Dirty Pair, Ichi the Killer - Director's Cut, Koroshiya 1, Camera Attack of Legion, The Twilight Samurai , The Eel, Cromartie High - The Movie, Megazone 23, Part 1, Twilight Samurai, and Otaku No Video

Directed by Makoto Kamiya famous for his brilliant work in the #1 anime of 1994 Pom Poko

Funded and Overseen by CAPCOM as this is the connection between resident evil 4 and resident evil 5, A MUST SEE FOR FANS OF THE GAME.

Ignore Final Fantasy Spirits Within, Ignore the hollywood resident evils, I did not see a thread for this but capcom put a SHIT load of money into this as this is the absolute most realistic CGI work I've ever seen, at time I couldn't tell it was CGI.

Its like what "Advent Children" was to final fantasy made by the company who actually know what the hell they are doing and it stars Leon Kennedy and Clair Redfield - It takes places after 4 and prior to 5.... I really honestly can say this is one of the best movies I've seen in ages. It totally kicked ass, anyone see it yet? what are your thoughts?

I have the DivX english voice track rip which is absolutely stunning in its quality, I am planning on buying it on blu-ray and watching it on GPS's new HD TV with his PS3. It's rare for me to ever buy a movie unless it is an absolute masterpiece I can easily give this a 97%ish out of 100%.

Resident Evil Fans this is THE movie for you, Zombie move genre fans you will also dig this movie I can promise you that.

if you know me in real life (like ricky) please call me and come over ASAP to watch it, the sound system I got in my room is ballin and its so fucking boss.

Here's a a nice resolution trailer, doesn't do the actual footage justice though.



was released ten days ago, hope you guys caught it for blu-rayers...


for the dvders...


#1 in Movies & TV > Anime & Manga > By Studio > Sony Pictures

#1 in Movies & TV > Animation > Science Fiction

#1 in Movies & TV > Art House & International > By Original Language > Japanese

because we all love amazon <3 support this film and buy it, capcom must have laid out a SHIT ton of money to have it made, you can tell by the super high end impressive CGI (best I've seen in a movie to date as I mentioned earlier) Although SONY STUDIO'S gets the credit for creation, capcom had a huge part in the making. also while some reviewers find some of the voice acting to be weak, *they mention only on the main characters* thats because its the same VA's from the video games which is perfectly A OK for me, and I think they pull off a damn good job.


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just a review portion for RE fanboys!

"So, with that being said, "resident evil: DEGENERATION" is an awesome film for those who followed the video game series. The film features plenty of non-stop action, bloody violence courtesy to the zombies and you even get a scene with blood that splatters on to the camera. But the enjoyment comes from those who had the experience of playing "Resident Evil 2" and "Resident Evil 4" and to see Claire and Leon again.

The CG looks great and there are some moments that I was just really in awe but at the same time, there are some movements that were jerky and robotic at times. But overall, the model renders were good and Leon and Claire look very good. So, the bottom line is that this film is just total fan service for "Resident Evil" video game fans. So much that I highly recommend this Blu-ray disc.

For those who are not familiar with the video game series, you may enjoy it but if you are expecting a continuation of the live action films, then this Blu-ray disc may not be for you. In fact, some may be disappointed because there is no strong plot for them to truly enjoy these characters especially without playing the video games. So, I can understand if they don't get into it.

Again, if you are fans of the "Resident Evil" video games, you can't help but have a smile on your face because there is now a "Resident Evil" film that was created with the RE video game fan in mind. And for that, I recommend this Blu-ray disc for you!"

basically this is the movie made for the gamers. which I know you guys are, not the tools who watched hollywood fuck it up.

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