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UGO buys the 1up Network


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Like the thread title says, all of the 1up Network has been sold to Under Ground Online. Now with UGO's help 1up and EGM will be able to deliver better coverage on video games and the industry.

Just kidding. UGO laid off nearly everyone besides a select few like Garnet, Tina, and Jeremy. EGM has been discontinued with its last issue out now. The 1up Show has been given the axe and most likely all of their podcasts are to follow.

Love it or hate it, EGM was around for nearly 20 years.

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Sad day. Reading through all those names.. even my friend Ryan Scott. :sad: At least they can't ax anybody or anything more than they already have. I just hope that they won't try and change much about the boards and user side. Or make it a pain for us to mod... and that's if they even keep the boards. I'm just happy Sam is still around though.

Also UGO blog comments... lol

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