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60's 70's folk music?


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Alright, I guess I'm looking for some people to help me out with this type of genre.

I've always been a huge Tull fan but never really ventured out further then that in folk.

I have just been listening to youtube videos.

Donovan- universal soldier


Ralph McTell- Streets of London

Also Faulty (I think) got me into that Jackson C Frank song from the daft punk movie.

Anything like this would be awesome if I could get some suggestions that sound like these. Thanks.

Do these bands even constitute as folk? I don't even know!!!

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I like Donovan. Not really a fan of Bob Dylan or most other folk from this period. Eh, it's kind of a weird genre.

I do like Steeleye Span, (ignore the silly music video) however. They're an English group that did covers of old folk songs (and some originals) with rock instrumentation (electric guitar and bass, normal drum kit).

That song is awesome, you got a rapidshare you can send me of an album?

(that video sucks)

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