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Accelerated Evolution

Doomsday Engine


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gonna youtube a video of the full set up, with music, it feels how id would have made if if they made it around the quake era instead of quake. Very intelligent actually even with hit boxes, one blow to a zombie / space zombies head with a pistol is death, two to the head to the fire imps. recording now

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going to upload DII as I have the better weapon set with black pistol you'll se ethem in the screenshots, wish fraps didn't blow and xfire recognized doom and doom 2 with doomsday.

It blows my mind, ... ability to jump, cross hair with amazing mouse look, hit boxes for headshots and overall more damage output, redone soundtrack.. anyway.. anyway on the youtube video hit HIGH QUALITY!!! big difference.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOqTwDrVsGg Doom 1

now the photos below are updated, I fixed all the wads for both doom 1 and doom 2 and the weapon wads..... heres the screenies.

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nobodies like "Holy crap that looks amazing I can't wait to play doom 1 and doom 2 like this and do multiplayer with AE members!!!"????

gonna upload all the files I have in a rar if you guys are interested.. it'll be a shit ton of fun.

Doomsday's engine is with a complete transformation into what I feel ID Software would have wanted doom to look, play, and sound like if it was made around the quake era rather than during the technological time period it was made it (No bad remarks to J Carm's amazing game engines of which have always pushed the envelope, Doom and Quake/Quake 3 all especially blew peoples minds away - this is just an amazing engine using the source code that allows a whole new "feeling" to the game. Almost adds some of the survival horror of Doom 3 into effect.

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I dunno the 3d models look real crisp, far more than say half life for example not sure what the modeling reminds me of... the lighting system and shadows look amazing and ability to jump and use mouse look with cross hair is big for me (and yes all I did as a kid was play doom I and II on PC) but I love things modernized if done right.

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