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Accelerated Evolution

"So, I say goodbye" finale of the maze demo


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as an update top 5 selling debuts (in a list of like 6 diff genres, doesn't include rap or indie) on itunes, and top three progressive or industrial albums sold throughout November, December to this date. The itunes sales report and check I receive early (first week) of feb. all I was told was "The album thus far has sold astonishing well, I'm looking into exact figures I don't want to estimate to get you too excited, but just prepare to be excited. when the exact documentation comes in you'll have it in e-mail, mailed, and faxed. I put in your request to mail you in euros and it was accepted so you can goto a bank and get triple the worth of the US dollar, this makes the money your going to make even more mind blowing. Good job kid."

Roadrunner record's blabbermouth is now reviewing the album will be up within two weeks, pretty sure Ytse-Jam is reviewing it, Rolling Stone Magazine is reviewing it but only for an online review and they stated "4-5ish paragraphs or less, its an exciting debut by the numbers but we have a lot of articles to be writing, it will be reviewed fair for the type of music it is, from the other reviews I read I can honestly say I am excited, if it lives up to what these people say then I'm sure you'll get a high score. Can't wait to spin it".

he was refering to


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