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20 Games for Sale

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Hi guys. Got some shit put up on eBay cuz I'm broke. Mostly a steaming pile of Squaresoft. No reserves and everything but Einhander is in really good shape. Please take a look:


I have for sale:

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (only one that starts over $9)

Bust A Move 4


Final Fantasy Chronicles

Final Fantasy Origins

Threads of Fate + Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy Tactics (original release) + Strategy Guide

FF Tactics (Greatest Hits) Never opened

Xenogears (Greatest Hits)


Clock Tower 3

Legend of Mana

Final Fantasy VIII + Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy VIII w/o guide

Einhander ($.99 starting bid) Now up to $8.55. Apparently I had a treasure and didn't know it. Others are going for over $50.

Parasite Eve (Greatest Hits) + Strategy Guide

Brave Fencer Mushashi w/Demo Disc

Vagrant Story w/demo disc

Chrono Cross + Strategy guide

Chocobo Racing :awesome:

EDIT: Games tested today and confirmed in working order. Even Einhander :)

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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (only one that starts over $9)

Sold on Amazon a few months ago for $55

FF Tactics (Greatest Hits) Never opened

Sold on Amazon not long ago for about $40 open.

Neither one was listed for more then a week. I'd check and see what all your games are going for on Amazon. I find stuff sells much faster there, and with games the shipping credit is way, way, way more then what it actually costs to ship.

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I'm gonna stick with auctions for now since I need money now and don't want my stuff sitting on Amazon for God knows how long. I've never sold on there so I don't have a seller rating and that could hurt me since I need to move these pretty damn quick.

How much do you want for the FFT guide only?

If it doesn't sell I'll let you know what I come up with price wise. It's late and my brain's not working at full capacity so I'll figure it out tomorrow.

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It looks like the original release Tactics isn't going to be paid for (it ended up at $41), so if anyone is interested email offers to lainhartj@bellsouth.net

It included the official strategy guide and is not sealed. I can sell them separately as well.

Yeah everything sold, but 2 still haven't paid and I need the money ASAP to get my bank account in the green.

Sorry I didn't come back to answer your questions guys.

Thanks for your interest :)

Have a good weekend!

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