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Confluence Thread


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You can only post in this thread when you.re spiritually buzzin and want to contribute to a big earthlike sphere.

lets just talk about shit

talk to mee

answer questions list:

The answers determine your personality!



1. Greatest King of England?

2. Greatest King of Spain?

3. Greatest King of Beasts?

4. Old friend that you miss

5, Yells outside your window y/n?

6. What is something you have lost

This is not a thread

Don't answer the questions

Please everyone must be buzzin

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I'm the king's thirty-second son

Born to him a thirty-second time

Born to him with my hair still on

Born to him with two eyebrows on

And that's all I was wearing

When I woke up staring at the world

My mom had been a rather crazy queen

But not at all a sex machine

She liked to keep her body clean clean

Thought the world to be quite obscene

But she'd retire to her chambers

And we'd remain quite strangers

And to see me made her awful sad

And to touch me made her awful sad

And to see me made her awful

And to touch me made her awful

I'm the king's thirty-second son

Man, all it took was thirty seconds' time

But a spoiled little prince I was not

Had a chamber maid and a chamber pot

And there's thirty-one others just like me

There's thirty-one others I can be

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I only know one other person who was able to complete lyrics I started that weren't kid dynamite, black flag, or armalite so I was stoked to see that. Sadly she didn't take my decision to drop out of college well and we don't talk anymore.

Ahh, I've actually had a similar situation occur. He doesn't speak to me anymore because of the same thing, but I did eventually return to university. And I have hated my life ever since!

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