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Accelerated Evolution

AE shuts down on Feb 1st.


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Our annual webhosting bill, of $60, is due on February 1st.

Our PayPal balance is $0.

Wind took $60 out of the PayPal almost 6 months ago for... something, and hasn't replaced it yet.

Unless he does, we're gone as of February 1st.

P.S. Please do not donate any money to the site.

I just figured I'd give you guys a heads up so that when you go on load AE on Sunday, and see an "Account Suspended" message, you don't all freak out and starting IMing me.

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I'll absorb the hosting costs. I'll ask for no donations. My blogs only serve text, and because of that I have plenty of free bandwidth and server space.

Elite: Back it up, I'll give you limited FTP access so you can upload the data. Just tell me what database requirements you need.

I love you Scott

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