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Accelerated Evolution

Galexia - The Hlaze Feat. Knowledge


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Futuristic Idealism for a crowd that is real in the streets, KC101 KISS95 and multiple other radiostations "Underground Rapper" award winner Knowledge. on multiple weeks. He is raising FAST from the underground full Double disc with em and me.

check his spit (reminds me of a far more intelligent Eminem, he spits wisdom) http://www.myspace.com/knowledge203music (<I suggest Amped Up, one of his classic songs off of Deal or No Deal his first LP)

and I have two discs of absolutely blazingly fresh beats from Straight up ghetto bump, to oriental leads, to jazzy, to soul samples, to futuristic spatial synths to paint a picture to a CD that will hit the hip hop and rap community aside the head.

Galexia feat. Knowledge ~ The Haze

Originality titled it the blaze, Traded it for the Haze. Goes better with the name "The Maze" and you need some good haze to feel it. previews comin' soon.

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you can download the whole instrumental version free prior to knodge rapping on it (copyrighted and signed to astral sun) so you can get a feel. its gonna be an underground hip-hop classic I can feel it in my soul when I listen to each track.

The Haze Instrumental (Pre Knodge Sessions)

20 tracks just under 60 minutes. he rips out of a dictionary and I told em to spit some futuristic unrealistic spasim shit to this but keep it to the streets. should be incred.

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dude this reminds me so much of RJD2, but in the best of ways. Some of the tracks on here are among the best I've heard from you.

Knodge is so excited he was like "These are the best beats i've had to work wit this goin global and its gonna be art rap man, im taking it to a new lyrical level"

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