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We're back!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sorry for the nearly 10 days of downtime.

I was able to move our data and MySQL DB over the course of a day or two. However, we found out on Monday of last week that we had to change domain registrars. Moving our domain from 1and1 to GoDaddy took a whole fucking week. There was nothing we could do about it, as domain registrars need to follow ICANN procedures when transfering a domain.

Long story short, we've moved from Surpass to GPZ's GoDaddy account. We went from a quad core Opteron to a faster quad core Xeon. This new server should spit out pages a little bit quicker than the old one. We also moved from Orlando to Scottsdale.

Wind's 20th birthday was also yesterday, so make sure to wish him a happy birthday.

Welcome back, AE!

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