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I backed out of my garage


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apparently I pulled into my garage last night at a really weird angle because when I pulled out this morning my passenger side mirror hit the garage door frame.

I saw something go flying through the air as the mirror bent backwards. So, cursing mightily, I got out of my car and found a black, two inch plastic piece lying on the ground.

I snapped the mirror back in place and looked it over completely. No visible breakage. So I looked at the garage door frame...just a smudge in the paint.

I got back in my car and used the electric button thingie (don't be scared by my technical know-how) to move the mirror in all the directions it's supposed to...and it did.

Obviously, the only explanation is that I backed out of my garage and hit an alternate universe where I did break my mirror.

either that or someone had an incredibly elaborate prank set up and was waiting on my roof to throw that piece of plastic down on my car at the exact moment I hit.

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