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What do you want?

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Haha, no need to talk. Shes a bitch for absolutely no reason.

And she needs to realize she doesn't bare the weight of the world on her shoulders.

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I simply want to be stable.

Meaning mainly-

1. Stable income- Not a lot but enough to get by.

2. Stable relationship with my family.

3. Stable lover.

I want order among the chaos. Blah.

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I want:

-to improve my drumming; I really want to move beyond a four-piece kit.

-a steady girlfriend; I'm tired of being single

-a house in a nicer neighborhood; right when I think that independence is enough, I see cops clogging my driveway every-so-often.

-to get in shape; incentive to exercise; a plan to always eat healthier

-to always be as happy as I am when I'm hanging out with my friends.

-to take 2-3 days off of work/life and just play all of my video games

-a job where I will never have to wake up early again

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-Roll some more with my friend Steve

-Meet more people interested in MMA

-Go to Thailand someday

I'm confused...... Did you mean MDMA?

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right now i want to be free of paying $400+ a month in student loans, and i'm a few days away from doing that SO WE'LL SEE HOW HAPPY I AM SOON

seriously, that money will free up the funds i need to take a few trips i have planned and pay for the studio space i have lined up (for my arts stuff). THOSE are the things i want

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Haha, my stint with MDMA is over!

I want to hit people!

If we have an AE meet up we should roll.

Here's a video of me rolling when I was a mere white belt.


You can't see really at the end what the sub is but it's a straight achillies lock, my favorite submission.

This is extra sparring with training buddies outside of our class. One of our training buddies teaches at a school and is the wrestling coach so we got to use the wrestling room in the summer which was pretty rad.

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I want people to be truthful with one another, like if you don't like them jus say so and stop making yourself miserable.

If you need help jus ask for it and don't jus get in touch with someone after 2 fucking years.. jus to get help only when you need it...I dread people like that.

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Maybe transfer to SFSU and graduate with a degree in political science & sociology

get my graduate degree in library science @ UCLA

graduate and work in a college or public library in LA or NYC or another nice city like Chicago

Fall in love and get married with someone perfect and have one kid.

Keep up my work as a revolutionary socialist and ofc always keep improving

I wanna be skinny and pretty and nice clothes all the time.

Those are the non intimate goals I guess.

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right now, i want a new spatula.

I kinda got caught up in playing COD4 and left the burner on the stove on, and it subsequently melted into a pile of goo all over my roomates teflon pan.

Oh yeah, did i mention i have 4 bucks to my name?

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I got a spatula at the dollar store, but...it melted all over my pan...

I want to be happy and coherent all the time *_*

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