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What RPG are you playing?


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Well, I finished Suikoden II and FF4A a few days ago. I should resume DDS2, but right now I'm kind of hooked on Nocturne. But damn it, with FF4A out of the way, I'm in need of more handheld RPG goodness, but Tales of Phantasia isn't out until March.

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Where are you in DQ8, i'm about 30 hours in

I'm at about average level 24 for my characters, I don't wanna give stuff away incase your behind me.

Well I am, where you........

get the sabrecat.

Didn't I just say that?



My characters are in thier 30s and I am 41 hrs in the game.......

of course I haven't played in awhile, but


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I just resumed Digital Devil Saga 2 today (and finally defeated the boss who was giving me trouble). The storyline is very...... weird. And I just love this game's ability to turn anything into a dungeon. I mean, come on, this freaking airport I'm at right now is a dungeon. Oh well, I can't blame the developers for trying to keep the series true to its roots.

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Well, I have once again been sidetracked from DDS2. Now I'm playing Ys VI. This game is crazy awesome. But that damn dark cave place is giving me a lot of trouble. It's so hard to make sure that I explore every path and don't miss any important treasure chests.

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I'm an old school RPG player, so random battles don't bother me at all. But when I play DQVIII for several hours in a row the constant battles do start to get to me, only because they can take so long, and aren't very rewarding at all. Monsters just don't drop much gold at all, which makes it very hard to buy the incredibly expensive weapons and armor you fight at each town.

But it's not really a bad thing, it makes it more challenging, and I'm not one to complain about challenge in my games.

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