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So I have this problem where I'm supposed to estimate the value of a derivative at certain points. No problem, right? Wrong! The question doesn't even give me an equation for what I'm supposed to be deriving from. All it gives me is a graph. I read the chapter (because our teacher never covered this or even mentioned it) and the only thing it said was "Sketch the tangent line and estimate the slope." "Ok, sounds easy," I thought to myself, and went to try to do that with the example it was using to tell me this. So, I tried it, and it seems that if I do it the way they told me to, I won't get the right answer. I even tried it on a problem in the book that the book has answers for, it didn't work. Somebody help please help me, this is due today at 4pm. I plan to go bitch to my teacher at around 9am, but until then, I'll be trying to stay awake to work on my Calc homework. Anybody who thinks I should have started earlier can go die, because I was busy the entire time doing CS homework, because at any given time, that class has me doing up to 3 large things.

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i dunno dude i think you're kind of obsessvely worried about this piece of math.

Way to be dismissive at someones problems. Sorry dude, I wish i understood calc better, but pretty much all that math has left me. For some reason I keep thinking that all derivatives follow a similar formula, but that's really no use to the situation.

Any luck with the bitching?

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