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Which College/University do you Attend?


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Mount Royal University, Calgary Alberta.

I'll be in the first graduating class to receive a degree from the school. It's been a college for the last fifty or so years. I may be transferring to the University of Lethrbridge, University of Calgary, or University of Alberta for th coming fall semester, however.

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The University of Northern British Columbia.

It's located on top of this massive hill that is completely isolated from the rest of the city, and it overlooks everything because Prince George is situated in a wee valley. There is nothing else on the hill so that highway is called University Way. It's pretty neat.


I wanted to go on the post secondary tour that was going up there senior year, but I missed the application cut-off date. :sad:

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UW. That's University of Washington to any Wisconsin posers.

Supposedly we have one of the top 10 best medical schools in the country.

And don't you forget it!

Also, you know what's bullshit? I don't know if you've heard about this, but each Washington state school is going to have its funding cut by like 25%. This is gonna hit Evergreen especially hard, since we're the smallest, but it'll probably fuck up UW too.

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Yeah, not only are they cutting the budget, they're also raising tuition. Hooray fucked up economy! It sure would be nice to be able to get my education without having to worry about the actions of banks that don't know what the fuck they're doing, seeing as the two really shouldn't have anything to do with each other.

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