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Where do you want to live and why?


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I know this probably fits better in the Life Discussion section but not too many people visit there so I'll put this here.

Just a basic question really. Where do you want to live and why? What are the living conditions, is it expensive to live there? Be specific.

I personally want to live ANYWHERE up in the northern U.S. I cannot STAND Georgia as a state. Nothing to do, the general mind of a person here is probably surpassed by a brick and it's just overall no fun at all. I would love to move to New York, but am not too sure on how the economic situation/living conditions would pan out there. Anyone got some info on that?

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the shopping and exciting busy city life. LA has nice beaches, but of course the shallow LA life could get annoying. Both have good music scenes and food etc...But LA has better weather. NYC has better culture and opportunities I think for writing and better libraries and art museums etc. Hmmm...I plan on going to graduate school in either NYC or LA.

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I am probably going to end up somewhere in California after I graduate since that's where most of the jobs in my related industry are. I would really like to be in San Francisco if I could. But I really wouldn't mind traveling back and forth between places for a while. I know my brother is going to Seattle after he graduates so I might go there for a bit.

And if I didn't have to work and stuff, I wouldn't mind living in a monastery with some monks in Asia for a good long while. :D

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I would love to give Sweden and Vancouver a try. I've never been to either, so I cannot say if they're really like I think they are or not.

I'm quite satisfied with Portland, OR, though. I cannot think of anywhere else in the U.S. I would rather be.

The south east can go become it's own country and wallow in it's own ignorance and religious hypicrosy. I hate that place.

I couldn't handle living in the north east either. As a car nut, I couldn't handle living any place where road salt is used.

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Where I want to live pretty much is a result of the schooling that I need. Once I finish my degree in a few years, I'll have to relocate to one of seven universities in Canada to acquire my Masters of Library and Information Science. That is, as long as I don't change my direction. So, in a few years, I'll be living in one of three places. I've narrowed it down to Vancouver & Edmonton (because of their proximity to where I am currently) or to Halifax. My good friend is now living in Halifax, and I have always wanted to live there, so I don't see why I shouldn't consider it as a possibility. I'd only live in one of these places for two years, and then where I go after that depends entirely on a) job opportunities and b) any romantic relationship that I may be in.

But in fantasy land, if I could fuck off and reside anywhere I please, it would most likely be Ireland.

Actually, edit: One of my dreams is to live on a houseboat, so that could be anywhere. I would love to have that life.

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Actually, nevermind. I want to live on the moon.

On the moon I can stare down at earth and wonder what's going on, and scientists can ask themselves why I'm not dead and how I live on the moon.

This would give me attention and then when they come to find out I run and attack which ever country came to study me. I would have been in the first space battle ever, this is something that has always been a goal of mine. Of course I'd win because I'd be planning it for years and I'd know the terrain.

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Actually believe it or not, I like it here in Austin..I mean besides the fact that people down here take a huge pride in their state..and this city is diverse in everything like music and food..its pretty decent...but if I could move anywhere else I would love to live in France, or Italy.. and somewhere closer..would be Denver.. goooddd I loved that city so much..it was way better then that shithole called Memphis.

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