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Accelerated Evolution

I didn't make enough New Year's Resolutions.


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Can you guys think of an act, that to accomplish it, violates all of the seven deadly sins?

Make sure it includes:








And make it snappy and accomplishable. Nothing crazy involving the government or anything like that.

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hiring someone to rape, kill, terrify and steal from your victim and their family with no sign of remorse while you sit, eat and wait for the hitman's return

Pride: no remorse

Wrath: brutal murder, rape, terrify the victims

Lust: rape

Gluttony: not doing the crime yourself, just sitting there and eating

Sloth: hiring somebody to do it

Envy: theft of the items they had because you wanted them

Greed: theft

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I was thinking of whether living a "sex, drugs, and 'rock of love bus'" type of life violated every one. like is it possible to do it by accident ...

which pretty much means that to be trashy, you're committing all of the seven deadly sins....

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