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Rush Retrospective 3


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The only thing that separates this Greatest Hits compilation from the other countless Rush Greatest Hits compilation is the fact it focuses on the 90s up to their 2007 release Snakes & Arrows. Sure, sounds like nothing, but it also came with remixes of the two tracks that represent the Vapor Trails album: One Little Victory and Earthshine.

Vapor Trails is a victim of the Loudness War and the tracks were plagued with clipping. On the compilation, the clipping is mostly gone and the voice is much more clearer on the new remixes. Along with the drums sounding more fresh, the bass on the tracks are more identifiable than the ones on the original release. Here's hoping they will remix the rest of the album.

The DVD that came with it covered the music videos such as Stick It Out and all the way to Malignant Narcissism. The live excerpts are from the R30 Tour. The extra that comes on the DVD is the interview from The Colbert Report and full showing of the live performance of Tom Sawyer.

Not a bad buy at all.


1. "One Little Victory (remix)" - 5:11

2. "Dreamline" - 4:39

3. "Workin' Them Angels" - 4:48

4. "Presto" - 5:48

5. "Bravado" - 4:38

6. "Driven" - 4:29

7. "The Pass" - 4:53

8. "Animate" - 6:05

9. "Roll the Bones" - 5:32

10. "Ghost of a Chance (live)" - 5:51

11. "Nobody's Hero" - 4:56

12. "Leave That Thing Alone" - 4:08

13. "Earthshine (remix)" - 5:38

14. "Far Cry" - 5:18


1. "Stick It Out"

2. "Nobody's Hero"

3. "Half the World"

4. "Driven"

5. "Roll the Bones"

6. "Show Don't Tell"

7. "The Pass"

8. "Superconductor"

9. "Far Cry"

10. "Malignant Narcissism"

11. "The Seeker (live)"

12. "Secret Touch (live)"

13. "Resist (live)"

Bonus material: The Colbert Report Interview and "Tom Sawyer" (live)

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