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For a project for my illustration class we have to find a professional illustrator and mimic their style with a piece we make but I don't know how to look for them. I was looking for someone who does stuff a little more off-beat or who has an outwardly darker style. Anyone have any sites or things I can use to browse illustrators or know specifically of any illustrators who are a bit "off" or who have a darker style?


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i suggest finding some Society of Illustrators Annuals and seeing who's in those. they're always full of established illustrators who've been doing their thing forever and don't bring anything new to the table anymore, but recently they've been including way more new and awesome stuff

if you want some links there's always the links to artists websites thread that i haven't updated in like two years :snakes: :snakes:

if you want just one suggestion, check out Brad Holland. he's an illustration GIANT. not usually too dark, but pretty fucking weird

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