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Accelerated Evolution

Galexia feat. Knowledge (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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The ultimate rap album combining myself creating trippy unique beats and CT's best MC Knowledge have finished recording our debut entitled "The Haze". I can promise you this is one of the most unique rap albums of all time, not just pushing my own buttons of ego, this shit is WACK.

Will have samples up.

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Yo man. I'm not gonna lie, I'm really impressed. It sounds very professional. How much of each beat is sampled and how much is from scratch? What do you use for your percussion sounds? I just got Reason today so I'm hoping that some of the loops it gives can get me into the hip hop realm.

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Everything is played organic aside from horns and the chanting / vocal sampels, these I sampled from over 200 of my dads cds ranging from big band, swing, jazz, down tempo, 50's music etc. but 90% of what your hearing is just Galexia trying to create artistic abstract hip-hop beats. We're choosing our sinlge, right now the one we wanna do first is either Super Duper Man or Count To Six, if you have any other suggestions let us know. we might be working with DEF JAM on a 4-5 CD deal with atleast 3-4 music videos from this CD. They see it as being a very intelligent artistic real to the streets album with enough musical talent and talented rap flow to attract fans of any type of music (especially hip hop and rap, but as the suits told us at our conference earlier today every songs backround they find astonishing, and the flow knowledge uses to go along with it fits perfectly. I even got a hand shake on the instrumentals saying I made a bold move to add so many instrumentals into a modern main stream marketed rap album. They agreed it is a hip-hop masterpiece, after that they offered the 4-5 CD deal and one suit who is allabout marketing suggested the sophmore album to come out in 6 months to keep the flow fresh in the audiences mind and he suggested to name it "Galexia feat. Knowledge - The Return of Super Duper Man" as knodge mentions that as an alias alot on the haze, or "Ladies and Gentlement Galexia re-introduces Diesel D" weird names like that.)

They understood I am releasing the metal / industral / prog cd "The Maze" at the same time as "The Haze" so the titles go hand in hand, but they see huge future if we can get a persona with this side project. to make it better I may get to work in studios for large name hip-hop, RnB and Dirty South Rap just doing simple mixing and adding effects. Then they said if the first CD sells as they expect it to sell (they are investing ALOT into this for its sucsess) then I will be doing jobs like Dan the Automator or Danger Mouse, and aside from the side projects they're gonna sign Knowledge to do guest apperances on BIG FUCKING NAME rappers 2 to 3 tracks on each CD of whichever artist, and they'd also like me to create beats for a few songs on big name cd's that I don't completely create but just add my part.

Galexia has big things going for it with the huge festivals this summer, the top 50 sales on itunes, the suits know all this but they said straight out Rap is huge all over, and they feel we are breaking the boundries of mainstream rap and perhaps may change what we here on the radio to become more intelligent, clever, and artistic.

basically I'm ECSTATIC.

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even if you hate it I need anyone interested in hip-hop, rap or music in general to please give this a listen. if you hate it tell me, me and knowledge will take suggestions as we are obviously doing this out of our own creative flow but we have alot of funding riding on this CD and ALOT of time spent writing, recording, composing, mixing, mastering... for me it took me nearly a month to stop adding metal / industrial grooves with my bass, drums and keyboards, so I just kept listening to old school rap, Nujabes, Deltron 3030, Aesop Rock and some other bands on loop until It was all I could play beat wise, and made sure the base lines where simple, the guitar and keyboards allow stops for the rap style vocals, its something I really had to work with as I was not used to it at ALL so this is a brand new genre for me..

It's not usual for a Industrial Prog Rock musician to completely write a rap album. Even Gorillaz had rock flow in alot of songs, so this was a big change and I love it, alot of people who listened to it had nothing bad to say alot absolutey loved it and constantly spin it in their cars or ipods. if I can have an admin request that everyone willing will toss as much detailed feedback on how the album flowed and made them feel, and if it was a good idea to do this side project. Theirs alot of pressure from the label to make this an artistic classic as they put it. for some reason ever since Arjen was signed on my first CD I've become an icon for record executives and interviewers as if I was some sort of mastermind. I'm 20. I make music that sounds good to me, I have NO idea if its going to sound good to others, I just do what makes me feel chill.

I hope that made since, I'm the type of musician that has low self-esteem (type of person that does aswell, I am NEVER sure of my self, my looks, my personality, my music, my ideas) so I could use any positive or negative re-inforcement to make this the hip-hop 5/5 star masterpiece the label is claiming it will be. to me that just feels like its going to set me up to panic and fail.

on the bright side gonna be playing alot of shows supporting this cd with knowledge in the CT area, opening for Busta Rhymes later this month, playing 45 minute set right before him, so the press kit and promo copy (about 19 of the 26 songs where on it) having played toads before I am not worried, but to be playing infront of a large crowd that most likely want me and knodge to get the fuck off the stage so busta rhymes can come out. ya know? so just toss feedback to help!

Thanks for the feedback John, and Evergreen can't wait to hear your response. John if you can go into more detail for me it will help me tremendously. We have about 18 un-used beats that are incredible as well, so we may even go for a double disc if the music is THAT tight, the label heard the other 18 instrumental versions and said we have that option and it would make it the "Hip-Hop Epic" type album, I'm just nervious.

thanks guys.

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Much better than any other modern hip hop, rap, rnb, anything like that I've heard recently. The beats are awesome. Knowledge's rhymes flow so well, too. It's an impressive album, even considering I would usually ignore music like this. It's really well put together.

also, I vote for Super Duper Man. it's probably my favorite song.

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