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holy shit I just realized something


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when Nick came up to visit me, some of my friends thought it was weird that someone i met on the interwebs would come all this way to hang out with me on my birthday. i told them i've known him longer than most people i know IRL and they thought that was weird too :snakes: :snakes:

I've known you all longer than I've known ANY of my IRL friend.s :headbang::hardgay: :awesome:

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I'm turning 21 in 13 days. I registered at AN in 2003, so it's been about 6 years of knowing you heads.

Also, whenever I've met someone from the internet I've prefaced it to my IRL friends by saying "A dude I know introduced me to this person, we've kept in touch online for years." It's a great way to avoid people being douches towards me.

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I don't remember when I signed up to AN (just that it was awesome to demolish people's taste in music and somehow get a metal forum made LOL). This will be my 26th year of being alive on this planet. When I turn 30th the jews will return to zion, a comet shall split the sky, and World War III will come to fruition. Just hope that pesky 2nd coming doesn't spoil my fun.

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