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Connecticon 2009

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Well there was already a large thread about this for a couple years but I want to make this one specific for just '09.

Me and GPS have gone every year since '06 and so have a couple other people from AE.

Post here if you want to come this year so we can work out car situations and if we want to plan for hotels.

Me, GPS and Tango are definitely going. I assume Artie and his friend will come but I'd like some AE people I haven't met to attempt to make the trip, maybe Haya.

The website is www.connecticon.org if you want information regarding when it is or where.

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Definitely going, as will Jeff. I think Nutty is going to come again as well.

What about Poophy? I guess he'll answer here in time. I really want Haya and some other AE ppl to try and make the trip, if anyone is willing to fly over here and come all 3 days we should think about getting a hotel soon which is why I partly made the thread.

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