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i forgot to mention , i drive an 2005 honda civic, so its not likes its bad on gas.

yea I burn through like 100 bucks a week with my commute with my '91 Toyota pickup. it's real fun

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Transit BLOWS in Prince George. I mean, sure, it's cheaper, but having the option of only catching some routes once an hour... it's crap. At certain times of the month, such as April for exams, the uni route comes every 15 minutes, but for every other time of the year, it's every 30 minutes on weekdays and every hour on weekends. It also runs until 9:30pm Monday-Friday, during September-April it runs until 2:30am only on Saturday, and on Sundays the last one come at 5pm. Soooo shitty. And that's the best route we have. The others are even worse, and go nowhere significant. BAH.

My truck is about $65-$70 a tank, but I only drive it to work mostly, so about every week or two I put $30 in it and it works okay. But only when I'm working a few days a week. I wish my bike was fixed. I need a bike! It's not even too far to my work. A bit too far to walk, especially late at night alone though, and the bus doesn't work for me most times either, which is why I just drive.

Anyway... jumped in on that off-topicness, didn't I?

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