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corn chips vs potato chips



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If we're just talking regular potato chips, i would go with Tortilla chips.

But if kettle cooked potato chips are jumping in the fray, I would have to say potato chips.

Krunchers Dill and Better made Hot chips (a Michigan brand) are pretty much my favorite snack food ever.

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WAIT. I'm confused. I need to know exactly what we are referring to here. When I think of corn chips, I think of a specific wee chippy shape, kind of like those little scoops you use in gym class to throw little balls back and forth.

So, obviously I would say potato over these because I don't consider them a chip. I place them on the same level as peanuts.


But here, we have a delightful example of tortilla chips, made from corn, and can thus be referred to as "corn chips," in which case I would argue that both corn and potato are equal, as they both have their own place in my mouth.





So? Is it tortilla or is it wee corn-scoop?

I'd say the question should be dippin' over crunchin'.

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