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I am going to die.


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I don't get insurance through my job, so it's been a bitch just to get through the past two years.

There's programs if I wanted to get knocked up and fuck up another person's life, but otherwise the only things available are if you live in certain counties, and big surprise mine isn't included. Big city people deserve help, but those of us trapped in hillbilly hell that could really use it get sh*t.

(I am not really going to die. It's just I always said if things ever got out of hand there's plenty of help out there for me, and now the reality that there isn't has set in and I have to fight all these things by myself.)

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I havent had insurance in 4 years, none of my friends have insurance. Some bad shits happened to some of them, but they always sorted it out themselves.

I wouldn't even pay for insurance if I had the money, I think Insurance is mostly a bullshit money drain on the people.

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