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Mountain Dew Game Fuel Returns with a WoW Promotion

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This probably doesn't belong here, but I'm actually one of those people who liked Gamer Fuel because it was a shameless combination of Code Red and Live Wire which almost never made it to most stores around my area so it deserves its own thread.

For anyone here who doesn't remember, Gamer Fuel was a very limited Mountain Dew flavor that was (like above) was just a combination of Code Red and Live Wire with double the caffeine and it was to promote Halo 3. Master Chief was plastered all over the front of the cans and bottles and Pepsi had a contest where you could redeem codes under the caps for sweepstakes entries to win 360s and Halo related crap.

Anyway, Mountain Dew is re-releasing it and a new flavor in a few weeks with WoW branding.



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There's a new promo nw, btw. You can get an in-game pet Battle Bot and claim a case of fuel for it daily. The fuel comes in blue and red varieties and your pet will fight other bots with the opposing fuel colour. It's kind of fun waiting to start a raid pull and watching two of the things running around like idiots trying t kille one another.

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