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So, I've been reading a lot on Yahoo! news about the employee bonus thing at AIG. The Gov has got their panties in a bunch because that company has gotten huge disbursements of Federal Tax Dollars (In excess of 160 Billion), and yet distributed over 165 Million in bonuses.

In sum:

The Democrats are mad that those bonuses were paid out

The Republicans are calling the Democrats incompetent for not preventing the payouts

The Democrats are trying to get the money back every way possible

The Republicans are calling the attempt to get the money back a "paper-over."

I understand it's "politics as usual," for Republicans to hate on Democrats. What I don't understand is why they seem to piss and moan every time the administration tries to fix something. The whole 700+ Billion dollar "bail out" was written up so hastily at the end of BUSH'S administration, that I suppose loopholes were inevitable.

This sort of thing, I feel, should be common sense. Instead of trying to get the money back, they should simply limit the next disbursement to be -$165 million. That is, whatever AIG intends to get next, will be minus the bonus buxx they distributed so recklessly to some people who don't even work there anymore.

I'm just tired of the partisan bitchfest and needed to vent. What do you guys think?

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Yes, but the thing is, no one cares. Out side of the business of the news, no one is talking about this.

Obvious distraction is obvious...

No one cares because it's not surprising. OMG some rich assholes just gave each other million dollar hand jobs in the form of bonuses while their company tanks. STOP THE GODDAMN PRESSES BECAUSE THE FUCKING SKY IS BLUE!

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