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PC vs. Console

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I got bored and took some comparison shots of GTAIV on the PC and PS3. The PS3 version makes me feel like I need to find my glasses. If I ever get to the school part of FEAR 2 I'll get some screens of the PC version vs the PS3 demo.







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Unless you are Valve, in which case, you overlook the console. Forever.

Meh, at least the games show up. They could always pull a Blizzard and never develop for console ever.

But yeah I don't really dig comparison stuff. Yes, PC can be better. If you spend more than the 399 it takes to get that PS3. And then some games aren't going to be available, and others will play shitty/better on a keyboard... Sizes can be bigger due to installs and higher resolutions than tv format, blah blah blah... blah blah...


Still amazes me that consoles are even that close. I remember back when the gap was retardedly far. Now it's just a blurrier version of the same thing. Pretty amazing.

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The same game is the same game. In this case, one happens to be fuzzy and mushy around the edges.

Well yeah, but of course a game is going to look a lot better on a $1000+ PC than on a $400 PS3. "You get what you pay for", don't they still brainwash all you capitalists with that phrase?

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Well yeah, but of course a game is going to look a lot better on a $1000+ PC than on a $400 PS3. "You get what you pay for", don't they still brainwash all you capitalists with that phrase?

I can build a $500-$600 PC that runs circles around a PS3 or 360. With the added functionality the cost-value ratio is substantially higher. Not to mention mod communities behind some games push the value of games through the roof.

I find myself moving further and further from console gaming as the years go on and more and more toward my PC.

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How much effort goes into installing and tweaking the game to make it look that nice, though? Anything more complicated than Starcraft gives my computer grief (yes, yes, I know my computer sucks).

It is nice not having to tweak every little setting to make the game look that much less blurry. All I have to do is put the game in the system and off we go. Due to the nature of console gaming, I don't have to fight with DRM, and all the complicated background bullshit has already been handled.

I can't help but wonder if you enjoy playing the games you install, or if you're just constantly benchmarking to ensure everything always looks pretty.

In the end, I prefer to have the games pre-tailored to my system, as I clearly suck at tailoring my system to the games.

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Not long at all. Most games own utilities will do a reasonable job of optimizing the games settings for your hardware. I tweak a lot, but that's because I am a tech geek and I enjoy things like fooling around with a .ini file to see what I can do to the game performance wise.

There's a lot of misconceptions about PC gaming out there. A completely serviceable rig can be built in the sub $600 range, anyone who can build something out of lego can build a PC, and if you don't want to tweak settings you generally don't have to these days. And PC gaming offers a lot of unique experiences, especially for wrpg fans and anyone who likes to extend their play through added missions, maps, levels, weapons, etc.

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I have GTA IV for PC ^___^ looks gorgeous with my set up!

Any game if its also on PC i'm going for the PC version no questions asked.

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