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Hometown Rants.

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well to start this thread i will talk about an interesting times involving dogs....

I love dogs. I have had dogs my entire life (until the last year). I have a serious thing for dogs and I always seem to connect with them at a pretty deep level. One day in the fall or the winter, i can't remember which, I was Smoking a cigarette with my friend Jeremy. My Dog, Deacon, was outside at the time (which was pretty normal when you live in a rural area). I Remember standing in the cold on my front porch 18 years old, smoking a square and looking into the my front yard, A good 3 square acres of frozen wasteland. Suddenly, I hear the voice of one of my dearest friends, Deacon, my beloved pet. I stop talking to Jeremy and gaze out into the darkness towards coldwater road, in the direction of the barks. I squint to see in the dark, Behold, i see movement on the side of the road, i'm quite dismayed however as i do not want my dog to be hit in the night. I Turn and tell jeremy and he looks out towards the road as well "Theres a hell of alot more dogs then just yours," he replies. I continue to strain my eyes in the darkness towards the distant road.

Lo and behold, the house directly adjacent-to-us's 'Barn Light' Illuminates that horde. Not only did i see my dog, but i saw a group of nearly 5 other dogs traveling in a pack (all domestic) Prancing and mulling about as if they owned the area. I Called my dog and he quickly returned to his family, however, i still thought it was hilarious that i found him with the neighbor hood rural dogs, and was instantly excepted with minimal barking or snarling. I almost felt comfortable in the fact that my best canine friend had others that he could instantly connect too. I almost felt bad calling him back, however, i didnt want him to be hit by a wayward vehicle. I also found it hilarious that all the neighborhood dogs came out at night and roamed the main road "raising hell," or as much as a group of domesticated dogs could rile up!

All in all i miss my dog ALOT, he was one of the biggest parts of my life. Now, Being away from him this long i really miss having his company throughout my life, Wet nose, Loud barks, and all.

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everybody My name is Zarina. My hometown is Dashoguz. I think it is the best city in the world. It is situated in the north of the country. So, the climate here is different from the ones in other parts of Turkmenistan. In winter it is very cold. In summer it is very hot. But we have a lot of trees in the city.

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so i told Cf about this when i was in Oly.

My best friends neighbors are these college bro dudes and they keep destroying his front porch, today at six in the morning they broke off the railings on his porch stairs and STOLE HIS MAILBOX! then they had the audacity to try and fight me and my boy dingman, we were just like "seriously guys, are you 12?"

time to start a street gang.

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