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Chief Justice Nommine and possible filibuster

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He's not Chief Justice, that's Edwards. Alito will just be a Justice.

The filibuster, not surprised by. It shouldn't be used in a case like this, but it is since that's the way our political system works now. Alito isn't the type of guy I like, and he's likely to "end" abortion (since abortion, like drug use, won't go away it only puts the profits from abortion into the hands of criminals instead of doctors and the economy). However, he's at least got a knowledge of the system in which he works. Can't say that about everyone.

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Boo to this man! Firstly because he dodges questions, but everyone involved in politics does, but that still makes it annoying. Secondly, he is clearly conservative, and while not all conservatives are bad people, there are waaay too many in the government currently, we don't need anymore.

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