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Fuck all the people who call me a liar because I go to university, and I say that I am broke. Fuck you. I take full time courses that I don't have enough time for, I have 3 jobs, and it's still not enough. I'm not made of fucking money just because I go to school, you moron. Wake up.

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I ask someone a simple question, but they can't answer it...

For months

For sixteen months they can't say; a simple "yes" or "no"

And when they can't take my question any longer they decided

to try and turn history on its side. To try and turn my friends into foes

that's the way it always goes

And if I take the high road I lose

and if I take the low road I look a fool

and if I remain passive; just sit out with my pack and my thumb

the whole world will leave me sitting stupid and numb.

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