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Accelerated Evolution

A Cautionary Tale

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1. A figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our God.”

2. Something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else; emblem; symbol.

He considered that to an outside observer, it would be that deliriously simple distinction between understanding and motivation that would cause so many to find the situation bizarre. Standing in the midst of screaming, begging victims, each restrained to the dilapidated wall with leather straps would be completely reasonable, were he among the criminally insane. The array of carving instruments lain out neatly on the table behind him would be explicable by these very same means, and the jar in the corner would not cause any perturbation, but for the fact that it contained a severed hand.

He mused on the fascinating scene presented by this idea of utter madness, though he felt it did not apply to him personally. This was just a picture he’d painted, a work he’d fashioned using real objects and volunteers whom others might refer to as hapless victims. He meticulously photographed the scene from every angle, during which time he made a most sincere effort to empathize with his supposed lunatic. Failing, he frowned and reached deep into his pocket to retrieve the pills. They were simple sedatives. He carefully inserted one into the mouth of each victim until all were silent, immersed in a weary haze. After ensuring that they were indeed unconscious, he freed them from their bonds, carried them from his basement one by one, and left them on the sidewalk outside of his house. He returned to the basement and once again observed the scene, now absent of people. Sighing with satisfaction, he leaned up against the wall.

Before long, he noticed the wailing of approaching sirens.

He tried to explain, to illustrate the rationale behind his actions, to show in plain detail the drive to understanding which had compelled him to abduct eight people and restrain them in his basement; compelled him to unearth a corpse, sever its hand, and place it in a jar; compelled him to obtain a detailed knowledge of human anatomy and a collection of large knives. These things did not make him crazy, in fact, they were evidence to the contrary! The desire to obtain the experience of lunacy without suffering it should have been perfectly understandable to anyone possessing the slightest sense of curiosity or empathy!

Nevertheless, he failed in his explanation and now spends his days alone in a padded room, having befriended only his straight-jacket, which he spends his days talking to, attempting to convince of the rationality of his viewpoint.

The End

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