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Accelerated Evolution

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As dictated by his royal majesty, me, you must answer these questions three before becoming one of us!

1. Do you have awesome bewbage?

2. If you answered "No" to question the first, are you at least packing a most impressive trouser serpent? If you answered "Yes" to question the first, are you willing to bare thine breasts so that we may witness their glory?

3. Sup?

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welcome friend

Thank you c:

Ohai! what's goin on

Hai! Nothing really, sitting around reading.

always good to see new blood here.

Thank you - blood is quite good :)

Eccentricity is a plus.

Oh good! Thank you

Here, drink some of this koolaid. I insist.

What -flavour-?


Hello. I love your icon

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I suppose saying "cyanide" would probably discourage you, eh?

It's... um... it's grape.

Don't mind if I do :]

Hello and welcome to AE.. and if I may ask?.. what comics do you read?.. and your a writer also..so.. do you have any stuff to read or what not?

Hello, thank you for the welcome c: I read all sorts of comics . American comics, European comics, Japanese comics (manga), to generalize. I read.. -a lot-. And I WOULD have stuff to read if I hadn't gone back and started re-editing -everything- .. *being a perfectionist sucks hard*

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