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*in robot voice* Welcome subject #1148. please report to processing for your tattoo and juice

*still in robot voice* beep bop boop

*you know what, just go ahead and assume everything is said with a robot voice* error 404, juice not found

correction: please report to processing for your tattoo

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sane people have no place on the internet

Now that would depend on what you call sanity.

Or rather, insanity.

Since some call... being an annoying retard, to be "crazy" or "different" :P (When they are not even close to it, more like goin' with the flow... like fangirls/boys at a Dir en grey's concert, or girls at Enrique Iglesias etc.)

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What is this, Crube?

Surely you do not wish to change the very face of AE. People not going completely crazy seems at odds with the entire paradigm that makes up AE.

Ah, and welcome Schiz!

It's called reverse psychology!

boys on a Dir en grey's concert

Yeah well... YOU'RE SWEDISH.

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