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Freedom Tower is no more!

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To be fair, that is its address (One World Trade Center) and no one ever calls skyscrapers by their address anyway.

But yeah the Chinese thing is pretty loltacular. They're the only ones with enough money to lease that shit out! Of course in a few years when it's still mostly empty and leasing out for hella cheap so Americans can move in, they'll feel pretty damn stupid for paying as much as they did.

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why the fuck do we need a "Freedom Tower" anyway, thats the stupidest shit i've ever heard. The "Freedom tower" is an embarrassment to the USA, no that there's not enough embarrassing shit.

How do you think it is "an embarrassment to the USA" ?

I think naming the tower "Freedom Tower" is a very good idea and that it should not have been abandoned, not that I think people won't still call it that. I know I will.

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Freedom Tower is a pretty stupid name, IMO, but the real insult to the people of America here is that our leaders let it get to the point where people wanted to fly planes into our buildings in the first place.

Look on the bright side, at least they aren't the DC in Italy.

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