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Hello people

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Well, after some chit chats, Crube convinced me to join this forum, so, here i am :P

So hello everyone. (: I'm HikaKao/Ya-chan (Other forum name.) but you can just call me Hika or Kao. :P I was originally on the aarinfantasy forum, but i got banned from there because i was underaged. :/

Hmmm...a bit about myself? I'm 14 years old, 15 in July, i live in the Faroe Islands, a little group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, north-west of Scotland :P Er...i like yaoi! <3 Hehe. And i also like to draw, even though i suck at it, and i also like to work with graphics (Like Photoshop. (: )

Btw, Hi Candie, Bory, Schiz, Dee, Zelda, and to others i possibly know. xD

Btw, if somebody is wondering, i'm a BOY. *gets mistaked for being a girl OFTEN*

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Hahahaha!!! Mr. Jones & I are the anti-yaoi. We're very pro-YURI, but I guess it's all cool. Hahaha! (^o^ ) <3

So yeah. We're all a bunch of crazy fucks on this forum, but pretty good people for the most part. Just stick around for a bit. Seems like everyone that joins will only post a couple of times & then leave.

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