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Accelerated Evolution

OSI - Blood (2009)


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OSI - Blood

01. The Escape Artist 5:51

02. Terminal 6:29

03. False Start 3:04

04. We Come Undone 4:03

05. Radiologue 6:05

06. Be The Hero 5:51

07. Microburst Alert 3:49

08. Stockholm 6:41

09. Blood 5:24


Keyboards, Vocals, Production - Kevin Moore (Chroma Key, ex-Dream Theater)

Guitar, Bass, Production - Jim Mathoes (Fates Warning)

Drums, Percussion - Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree)

Guest Vocals on "Stockholm" - Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth)

While production is done by Kevin Moore and Jim Mathoes, the album is mixed by 3 time grammy winner and 6 time grammy nominee Phil Magnotti.


This is the darkest OSI album to date, the most "artistic" in terms of musical ideas and writing, with that said it is also by far the most melodic and catchy song to song, for me it was immediately accessible without the need to dig into it such as with their last album "Free". While it is their most accessible album in terms of hooks, it is also their most progressive and experimental album. This is OSI's swan song for that reason, my nominee and most likely winner for 2009's album of the year unless something REALLY surprises me.

Abstract lyrically and written with extreme care and intelligence as all of Kevin Moore's songs are, absolutely nothing bad to say about the CD nothing but praise.

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