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Actually I love them but I am fucking sick of living with irresponsible, messy people. Seriously, there's about a square foot of the entire floor of this apartment that isn't covered in trash. It stinks of cigarettes and there's half-empty beer cans and fast food drinks all over the place. We had a lot of cool parties here, but we also had a lot of really lame "sit around and do nothing while living in filth" days. I am so glad to be getting the fuck out of here.

Fortunately, due to my roommates being incredibly lazy, they didn't want to clean at all this week; and next week I'll be in Africa. So they agreed to clean the whole place up. Sweet.

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my roomate just leaves out dirty plates full of water, and wierd little things all over the place.

I have no idea why he does this.

He also freaks out when i use the disposal, he thinks that it will just make the pipes stink.... "NOT WHEN IM RUNNING SOAPY WATER DOWN IT EVERY DAY!"

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