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Accelerated Evolution

Hello everyone

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Long time lurker first time poster lol. Got a link to this site a long time ago for the graphics section but never found the time to join up and say hello.

So hello everyone. :happy:


welcome to AE, where all your wildest dreams will not only come true, BUT WILL MANIFEST THEMSELVES IN THE EYES OF YOUR DOGMATIC CREATOR!!!

(SRSLY though)

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so when you say long time lurker...... how long we talking?

man it has to be a good 2 possibly 3 years. i remember when you guys had people like Rick Ross and Will Smith and Bender at one point in the banner, the black skin then the white skin change back to a new black skin, every board in Other Discussion and random thoughts didn't have mods attached to them, and when the site was affiliated with that Final Fantasy fansite and had a huge influx of people that didn't stick around a few months later anyway.

Glad you joined.

Want to be friends?

sure :happy:

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I don't remember that at all. :blink:

it was a long time ago. you guys also had a whole sub section of boards for reviews during that time. i can only remember Siendra doing reviews for Japanese animation and ShadowCast was doing video game reviews though.

i think one of the members from the FF site had that weird fallout where he changed his/her name to JewsDidWTC and spammed the site.

Welcome to the madness, CC!

Holy Shit so your like the long lost sister we never knew existed. :awesome::headbang: Glad you found time.

thanks guys. :happy:

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