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Hello everyone

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I dont undersand it, but it seems like this place is hard to fit in.....wierd.

i think it's because a lot of people probably feel very intimidated when they come in because the board is so random and close knit. most boards have one main subject to them.

take something like Penny-Arcade or Forum Auto. two very big communities that have one main interest to them. you're going to go to PA to talk about video games or the webcomic. so you start posting in those topics before jumping into an off-topic fourm because it's safe. you know the other members are going to be interested in what you say in the first few posts there because they came there just like you, to talk about games. as you post you slowly get use to who the regulars are and start to jump into more discussions because it's like you have friends who know your posting style by then.

but what's A-E got? Random Thoughts is the biggest thread. it's the one a new member is going to notice when getting here. the thread is a behemoth if intimidating posts for a new guy or gal cause you're all close knit to the point of using real names. Darcie, Ashton, Brian, Devon, Ems, Brit, who the hell are these people?* everyone who's a friend with someone uses their real name at this point.

the important thing i think that new members should come in here with is that they need to just not give a fuck what they post in random thoughts long as it's safe for work. sure a lot of people aren't going to care about what you have to say but some people might and a conversation might spark up from it. i already feel like i fit in here despite that i haven't officially been part of this wild crew for a week.

and as an aside, i'm really suprised a-e hasn't got a bunch of new members from fans of Galexia or when one of the members here use to broadcast on Cam4. sorry but i don't remember her (or your if she's reading this) name but it was Maira something.

in short: A-E: step up to the bar. you might offered a beer, or you might get shanked in the back and your shit taken. but it sure will be exciting.

*- i know a few people the names belong to but i'm still learning.

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Hai everybody.

I've been raping your music blog for a couple months now. Thanks. :headbang:

just out of curiosity, who's ups were you downloading?

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