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The Dark Crystal

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when i was a little kid, I watched fox and the hound. which traumatized the shit out of me, then this girl i was seeing wanted to smoke some herb and watch it, we did, but i wasn't paying attention because the fear of that movie is still in the back of my brain for some reason.

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Absolutely fantastic. Some of the most surreal imagery in "Hollywood." A fairly cliche story, but the execution was spot on. And yes, Aughra was probably my favorite character. I'm a bit of a puppet/Henson buff, so that's probably why I hold such a dear place in my heart for this one. The Skeksies/Mystics dynamic is fabulous, and both are among coolest character designs on the planet. Let alone... HAIL THE PODLINGS. They are so reminiscent of the Dozers from Fragglerock, its great!

Like I said... I'm a HUGE fan of the film.

Not looking forward to the sequel though, as the JHC as of late has been fairly hit or miss (even Mirrormask was a bit of a letdown, and I've loved most of the Gaiman film adaptations).

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