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So I attended my first A.R.M. class for my M.I.P.

Needless to say the lady whos running the class is batshit insane.

Shes claimed to be pronounced legally dead twice and said she saw "the angels" both times and told her she was on a mission from god. She also claimed to have a rap sheet worse than most people you hear about in the papers(Anything from 2 car accidents(DUIs) to assault and battery, and Malicious destruction of property). Shes also very vulgar and thats what really throws me off. She started the class claiming all this christian bullshit and then basically contridicted herself about 100 times. This is a 6 hour class mind you. Shes 65 years old and has been sober since she was 38, yet she still attends AA meetings 5 times a week. And shes a counselor(don't care about spelling) and she goes to one herself. Tomorrow shes making us meet her at the place in town she attends her AA meetings at, and shes PBTing us all at that event. Shes claimed addiction to just about everything from pot(which she showed us a one sided video from 1985 that said POT KILLS(Claiming it was only two years old...IT WAS ON VHS) to yard sales? She also bought an old church and renovated for no fucking reason... NO SERVICE IS HELD THERE. Oh, and she claims smoking pot made her son impotent. This woman needs a shrink, bottom line. Its just too bad I won't speak up and reem this old bitch for all shes got. But shes calling the shots and I DO NOT WANT MORE COUNSELING(sp).

I can't wait to hear what she says tomorrow. Only one more day of this hopefully...

Rant end.

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NO! I am not paying more money to this city. Fuck that. I just saw a cop doing literally 80 down broadway... For no fucking reason. THEY OUT TO GET ME SON.

Oh, and I heard they found those pieces to the iraqi war vet memorial in the river 100 yards away from the damn thing! And they busted some kids? No names cause they're minors..

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