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I'm sick of people talking forever, but not saying anything. Seriously, what the Hell? It's everywhere. Every commercials has a song that says nothing, while the person talking over it dances around the issue. Politicians talk forever about the issues, but never say a damned thing about what they're going to do. This is why I hate most things. Why can't people just say what they're doing? I want commercials that actually say what they're selling. I want to see a McDonald's commercial that says, "Hey, we sell food and want you to buy it. Some people told us they liked it." Everything in life is now so damn scripted, I can't tell what anybody wants me to do anymore. The only commercial I've liked recently is the Sir Mixalot parody one, and that one didn't even really say anything, either! "I liked square butts, eat at Burger King." That is the message in that commercial. Am I supposed to eat at Burger King because Spongebob has a parody song about his ass? And while I'm on characters, what the Hell, cereal? Why does every cereal ever have to have a character that's completely addicted to the cereal like it's heroine?! I can't think of a single cereal other than Special K that doesn't. Even one of the phone companies has a character that's addicted to rollover minutes. She goes on and on about minutes, like she's clinically insane! I am sick of this, and just want people who are selling me stuff to TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE SELLING. Seriously, what the Hell, America?

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so i guess what you're really looking for is infomercials in place of commercials.

No, I just want commercials to stop sucking. Most infomercials are boring. And I would also like commercials to stop having plots. What the Hell? No, I will not buy your product because fictional characters went on a quest to obtain them. Now I just hate your fictional characters.

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