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nyway, you can probably get a whole loaf of french bread at a supermarket for $2. Enough bread there for three or four meals, no cooking or preparation required at all

I usually make my own bread from flour.

chicken pot pie's are like $0.50

and a big box of cheap pancake mix can last you for a while.

damn, i havent been up on those pot pies.

Store brand oven pizzas. A big ass tub of oatmeal.

WAY TO EXPENSVE! im working on a $9 a week food budget

Tofu is really cheap. Also, buying produce is cheap. If you buy like, an apple at a time or something it does the trick. Drink a lot of water, too, if you aren't eating too much. Tuna.

Tofu is mad expensive actually, I know because I Actually like cooking with tofu. Tunas good, but im usually out of money by that time

Pretty much anything in a can is made of win. They're usually cheap, last forever, and take next to nothing to prepare.

Yeah, i've been getting on that van de camps pork and beans shit.

Safeway brand Ravioli squares are the shiznit. They make the Chef Boyardee ones look like shit. My local Safeway doesn't sell them anymore, so I'm not sure if they still exist or not. :(

hmmm, how much are those usually

Mac and Cheese + a can of chili + a big blob of cream cheese. Eat using black pepper doritoes as spoons.


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